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To the Editor:

I learn an article immediately (April 12) the place Mitch McConnell outlined the Republican reelection technique technique for the 2020 election. They plan to painting themselves because the firewall stopping Democrats from shifting the nation in the direction of socialism.

I form of agree that we want a firewall, however not from the Democrats. The firewall is required to stop Trump and his co conspirators from dragging the nation into fascism.

They are saying those that do not recall historical past are doomed to repeat it. If you wish to see the plan, you solely want to have a look at 1930s Germany. Germany was in dire straits (in contrast to America immediately). Hitler surmised that to alter this to his liking, he wanted to get elected chancellor. How? Begin by making every kind of guarantees you’ll be able to’t presumably ship on (I will construct a wall, and Mexico can pay for it ). He would rebuild Germany’s financial system; eradicate the enemies of Germany, create a grasp (white) race; and make Germany the world energy he needed.

Similar to the Trump supporters immediately, many individuals purchased it.

As soon as elected, Hitler started to flesh out his plan. First, you weaponize the police and navy by throwing cash and status at them, thereby insuring their co operation. Then, you start to demonize the press and dissenters ( faux information). Then, you start the ethnic cleaning to “purify” the race. For him, it was primarily Jews. But it surely was additionally gypsies, homosexuals, folks with psychological and bodily disabilities, and anybody who opposed him. To this finish, he pushed folks out of presidency who didn’t conform, and surrounded himself with ideologues and simply plain sadists.He additionally solid alliances with different sadistic dictators who noticed an opportunity for world domination. The folks deemed unfit have been rounded up and put in slave labor camps or gasoline chambers. Households have been separated, and youngsters have been taken away from their moms.

Does any of this sound acquainted? Shortly after Trump was elected, I wrote a letter on this discussion board stating that I noticed a slide towards fascism. That has not modified. The Trump supporters will doubtless scream foul, and accuse me of evaluating him to Hitler. They’re right. I sincerely want I wasn’t. You do not have to agree, however I feel you ought to begin excited about it. It solely took Hitler about seven years to solidify his stranglehold on Germany. Do not let it occur right here.

James W. Miliner, Rochester

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